Suwannee River Palms, LLC.

Suwannee River Palms

Serving the South East & Emerald Coast Area Since 2005


Suwannee River Palms is an 80 acre commercial field grown palm nursery operation. We began clearing land for SRP on October 2005, first palm planted in May 2005. Our inventory consist of Cold Hardy Palms: Phoenix sylvestris, Windmills, European Fan and Pindo’s. SRP varieties were chosen to be grown in colder climates, therefore providing a larger geographic range to markets than those palm species grown in southern Florida. SRP is certified through the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services; Certificate of Nursery Registration, number: 48001792, date of issue, March 5, 2008.

Suwannee River Palms is located approximately 40 miles north of Live Oak, Florida or 40 miles south of Valdosta, Georgia. Easy access off either Interstate 10 or 75.

Suwannee River Palms extends an open invitation to visit. Our farm manager, Levoy Shrader resides on-site, therefore an appointment can be arranged at your convenience.

Florida Palm Trees


A selection of our cold hardy palm trees for sale in Northern Florida.Suwannee River Palms location is easily accessed from Interstate 10 and Interstate 75 and State Highway 441. This supports all types of transportation, from the private smaller vehicle to a commercial flat bed truck and trailer. We support client’s live palm tree needs from Jacksonville, Tallahassee and points west, south to Miami, Florida and north to Savannah, Macon, Atlanta, Georgia and points north. Suwannee River Palms is open Monday – Friday 8:00AM – 5:00PM. Our farm manager, Levoy Shrader, resides on-site and will be happy to schedule an appointment after hours or on weekends. Please call him at (386) 854-0310 to arrange an appointment at your convenience or just stop by. We are conveniently located in the Florida Panhandle approximately 40 miles north of Live Oak, Florida or 40 miles south of Valdosta, Georgia, 90 miles east of Jacksonville, Florida easy access off either Interstate 10 or I-75. Suwannee River Palms is a member of the International Palm Society.